Monday, April 7, 2014

13th Anniversary

Thirteen years ago today my husband and I got married on a day much like today: mid-80s, sunny, breezy. So much is the same, but so much is different. We lost his mom in 2003, my dad in 2004, and within a three week period last summer we lost my step-mother and his dad. Through it all we've had each other, and I'm looking forward to what happens next in our great adventure together.

Next week is the MWA-FL Chapter Group Blog Hop. You'll get to meet other writers in the chapter, and I hope you'll find some new writers to read and fall in love with. April 15 won't just be Tax Day; it's a day to discover what makes "Florida Crazy."

Today's excerpt is from my work in process Fairy Corps: Faye. The Fairy Corps is where fairies get the opportunity to redeem themselves and return to the Seelie Court; otherwise they're condemned to the malicious Unseelie Court.

Ronald Abbott drove his Range Rover onto the crushed gravel parking lot of Green Gardens. He stepped out, regretting the marks the sharp stone would leave on his Italian leather shoes. The smell of gardenia assaulted him, adding another insult. He buttoned his suit coat and checked his cuffs. The green cuff links caught the sun; the color always made him smile.

Faye suspected the man in her parking lot was Ronald Abbott. She looked at him wrinkle his nose as he looked around her nursery, and thought he’d be horrified to realize lines of dissatisfaction were beginning to set in his face.
Patty Abbott had walked into the florist shop moments after Faye had posted a Help Wanted sign. Some people would have thought the timing a stroke of luck; Faye knew Patty was there for help more than to help. Faye thought Patty’s husband would be a pompous bully, and the man in the parking lot fit the bill.
The bells on the butterfly wind chime sent music floating into the air to mingle with the Enya song playing on the stereo. The gentle sounds were a counter-point to the aura of the man walking through the door.
“Hello, I’m Faye. How can I help you?” Faye stood behind the table she used most often as a counter, and today as a buffer against the ill-will directed her way.
“I’m Ronald. You need to fire Patty.” He leaned on the table’s edge, invading Faye’s space.
Faye smiled at him. “I’m sorry, we haven’t been properly introduced. I’m Faye Green, proprietress. Patty is an excellent employee, and if she wants to quit she is welcome to at any time. I haven’t had any indication that she wishes to do so.”
Ronald’s nostrils flared, spots of temper coloring his cheeks. “I’m Ronald Abbott. Patty is my wife. The fact that she is employed is an embarrassment to me, and you’ll do what I say.”
“Mr. Abbott, I don’t your bidding. I find your assumption that I would do so offensive. Leave now.” Faye smiled, but there was no smile in her eyes.
“You’ll wish you had done as I asked. I’ll put you out of business and there won’t be anything you can do to stop it.” He leaned in and whispered, “You’ll wish you’d never met me.” He straightened up, turning to leave, when Faye’s answer stopped him.
“You’ll find there is plenty I can do to stop you. I’m not like others you might have tried to intimidate.” A tall vase full of water and flowers fell towards Ronald. “I’m sorry, I’ve been clumsy.”
Water cascaded down the front of his suit, and he sputtered in disbelief as he brushed the water off and away from the fine lightweight wool.
Faye moved her arm, and Ronald moved out the door without seeming to realize it was Faye’s action steering him.
The tinkle of wind chimes was not as melodious as it had been, and Faye nodded in agreement. “Yes, he is an odious man. What shall we do about him?”

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